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Cant Activate Latest SIW Version


I purchased SIW Technician's Version Lifetime Free Updates on 3/11/2014 and use it every once in a while.  I need it right now, copied it from my USB drive to my clients desktop and opened the software.  I immediately check for updates and downloaded the latest version of SIW.  When I open the latest version of SIW the Register SIW appears and asks for my Name and Key.  I enter my name as it appears on my SIW Invoice and copy the Key directly from my SIW purchase Invoice like Ive done for years.  It keeps popping up this message saying invalid license key format??

What am I doing wrong?  Ive tried this 50x and get the same error every time.

Here is my info if you can please assist me.  Thank You

Name:  Dominic Eachus
Order ID:  Order ID: TOP140311-6441-46289

[Image: Qdxtb1t.png]

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