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Changing drive letter requires SIW restart


NOTE: this issue requires having multiple hard drives in your computer

Steps to reproduce issue: 
1: Open SIW, (do NOT close until instructions say to in step 8 below) 
2: Go ot the "Logical Devices" tree node, and view a drive and see the drive letter (in my case, NOT the boot drive)
3: Open "computer management" (in windows 10, right click on my computer from file explorer)
4: Go to "Disk Management" node
5: Change the drive letter of the drive you noted in step 2
6: Verify via File Explorer the drive letter is now changed
7: Back to SIW --- view the drive info again - drive letter is the same -- you can even close and reopen the "hardware" tree node and doesn't change
8: Close and restart SIW
9: Drive letter is now reflected correctly

Expected Results:
Either no need to do anything, or a refresh option available (most likely refresh) to correctly show the updated drive letter

Additional note:
I'm sure this is an extremely low priority issue.  Anyone affected by this is going to be more than capable of intuitively knowing that at this point SIW must be restarted.

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