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Conversion to SQL?


Dear Forum Members,

Before re-inventing a wheel, has anyone a script (e.g. T-SQL for Microsoft SQL or any other flavour of SQL script for another database, or VB Script or C# or anything else) to import SIW logs into an SQL database?

My pipe dream is to purchase an inventory'ing product - SIW is leading the field at the moment by a loooong way!! - and write the collected information into an SQL database for subsequent analysis.

The fields in your CSV file are nicely arrayed, leading to a vbscript or c# solution, however XML is also a possibility. I probably have need for a limited subset of the very generous information revealed.

But, why write my own if someone has a ready-made solution!?

Kind regards,

PS if there are no ready-made solutions I would be happy to contribute my humble effort(s) to the community.

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