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Emulation Mode message


I get the following message when I try to run SIW 2014 v4.9.0904b Technician's Version in Windows Server Technical Preview.

SIW is running in Emulation Mode!
This program isn't designed to run in Emulated Mode.
[Windows Server 2012 R2 (Update)
Datacenter Edition:6.3.9600/4]
Windows Treshold:6.4.9841/4

The properties for the exe are normal (no emulation chosen). The emulation mode message happens running from a usb or the hard drive and for this reason, I didn't included a screenshot of properties for exe.
So is this caused by the fact that I running Windows Server Technical Preview or is that OS actually running in Emulation Mode? I tried to google what Emulation Mode meant relative to this but found nothing pertinent.

I am including a screenshot of SIW showing the Emulated Operating system.

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