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Missing Administrator Priviliges



I am not seeing this, but should be a common issue with Windows 10.

Running Windows 10 Enterprise x64 version 1703.

Obviously, early on with Windows 10, one had to run as administrator to get SIW to do it's full job.  

Then not that long ago, after various updates to Windows presumably, I started getting errors in SIW not being able to read things.

Confirming this is the newest version, which when I run "as administrator" from a local drive, I get the pop up about Missing Administrator Privileges and continuing, several things don't work, give me the error about Missing Administrator Privileges.

So, I am logged in as a local Administrator, a Domain Admin (and more).  

I have run netplwiz and changed my account type to administrator, logged off and on.

There are no software restriction group policies other than default.

I always run siw64.exe as "administrator"  I have run it from an elevated command prompt.

In all cases, I get this error.

How exactly does one get anymore administrative privilege?


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