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Passwords - Please don't yell at me :)

I believe I have read somewhere already that the reason that you don't allow the password export feature from SIW is because you don't want it to be used for bad purposes.  However, I have run accross legitimate use cases where it would be nice to have the passwords found by SIW transferred to another computer.   

Most recently I had a user that was switching to a new computer and it was a 32 bit version so I could not just upgrade his windows 7 to Windows 10 and clone to the new computer because we needed to get him to 64 bit.  However, chrome, internet explorer, etc. had his passwords saved and he did not know them.  We ended up just using SIW to get the passwords and now he has to key them all back in. (100+).  

I know that he could have used a password manager, or logged into a google chrome account and synced but that is always knowledge they learn after the fact.  

Would you be open to exporting the passwords to some type of encrypted file that only SIW could open and import into a new computer system?

Thanks for all the hard work on this program!

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