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Paswords for Firefox 22 and Outlook Express do not show up

I am using SIW ver. 4.7.0130 (GAOTD) on XP 32-bit SP 3. I’ve read your instructions as to what passwords may be retrived by SIW if Firefox.

Two issues:
1. Firefox 22 (I am not using a later version as it is incompatible with certain extensions that I need to use on a regular basis).

Almost all my psw in FF were maked to be remembered by the application (and, in fact, FF remembers them). However, NONE of them is shown by SIW! FF main application is installed in Program Files on the system disc, but user profiles are on another drive permanently attached to the computer. Could this be the reason of SIW being "blind"? FF 22 if correctly reported in the Applications tab.

2. I have Outlook Express as the default mail client and Outlook 2003 which I use casually (with the complete package of MS Office 2003). SIW shows all psws for Outlook 2003, but actually none for Outlook Express (except "Deleted accounts" which looks weird as I have not deleted any accounts on Outlook Express). Outlook Express 6 is correctly reported in the Applications tab by SIW.

I’m still at the stage of examining the output of SIW, but it seems to me that passwords from other applications (Total Commander for instance) are retrived correctly. I am a single user of my home PC and need two passwords (one from OE and one from FF) as it seems that I have either mistyped them or forgot and they do not seem retrievable otherwise.

Your assistance will be welcome and I hope that the issues may be somehow solved.

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