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Problems with Sensors


I have been using SIW for many years, until recently I was using the 2011 version, but I just purchased the PRO version 2014 v4.10.1016b. I am running Window 7 Home Premium with all updates applied. Motherboard is an MSI P6N Platinum.

Problem #1: When I launch SIW Pro, If I go directly into Sensors, SIW sometimes locks up (Not Responding). I need to crash it and relaunch. It seems not to do this if I go into some other option first (eg Storage Devices), then click on Sensors. Ok, so there is a workaround.

Problem#2: Sensors does not mention the disks. The category is not shown. I used to see them correctly with the 2011 version of SIW. I have 3 Seagate SATA II, and 1 Samsung SATA III SSD.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why?
Thanks to Gabriel for a great product!

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