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Remote data gathering


I posted before that I was having some issues with remote use of this tool but I can't find that post. I have since figured it out so I thought I would post my findings here to help anyone else. This worked for me in a peer to peer setting and a variation works fine in a domain setting.

I was having an issue getting SIW to work properly for me under PSExec. My work around involes creating a simple batch file and using PSEXEC to call the batch file.

First open notepad and enter this:
\\server\siw\SIW.exe /s:1073741824 /h:0 /n:0 /silent /log:csv=\\server\siw\Licenses-%ComputerName%.csv

Save as SIW.bat Of course you will need to have shared the SIW dir with proper priviledges.

Next run this command from your server
Psexec \\client PC -u client pc\user -p password -d -f -e -c \\Server\siw\SIW.bat

This will run the batch file on the client pc and place the output in a cvs fiel with the name Licenses-computer name
(example Licenses-shop-pc.cvs)

This file will be stored on your server for easy management.

This can alos be used as a logon script to gather data. In the example above I am only collecting License data. You can easily adjust it to fit your own requirements.

In a Domain environment things are a little different. PSexec worlked fine in the domain except that passwords are passed in clear text so I would not advise using that. A login script would do the job and should require no username or passwsord across the wire.

I found the SIW top be a great program for collecting this type of data and I tip my hat to the author. Nice Job.

I hope this helps thise looking to use this remotely. This worked for me and you may need to tweak it to work in your setup.

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