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SIW 64-Bit & SIW 32-Bit Problems


(11-11-2018, 02:37 PM) Wrote:  Recently, I have used SIW and it has failed or works extremely slowly.  I have AVAST Premier virus protection and I was told to check the box labeled "Don't ask me again" when the program starts.  Well, I have tried that and it doesn't work or it has not brought up the warning to allow me to check the box.  I have two IDENTICAL PC's with identical component parts, memory, etc. and I have the same problem on both of them.  Since updating to the newest SIW program, it takes more than SIX MINUTES to load the SIW 64-bit program, if it even loads or starts anyway.   In most cases, it does not run at all.

So, thinking it is an AVAST problem, I shut down AVAST completely till the next computer restart and then try to run the program.  It takes six to seven minutes to load and show up on the screen.  Then when I try to open a module like passwords or System just churns and churns and does not open.  On one occasion, I got System Summary to run after several minutes and after seeing the following error message.....


CPUID SDK not loaded (66 seconds)!

Then when I try again, I get another one with a different wait time.  This is really getting frustrating since it happens EXACTLY the same on both PC's which tells me it is not my computers but either the program or Windows. 

I have also tried to run the debug programs for 32-bit and 64-bit but they seem to hang up and don't finish.  I have included a picture of one instance of trying to run SIW and the debug program.

I need help or this program is completely and utterly useless to me!

Thank you.

Please run, from a command prompt, siw64.exe /nosdk
Please execute steps #2 and #3 from and send me the generated C:\siw_debug.txt files

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