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SIW Customize Menus & Toolbars


I'm evaluating the SIW 2016 Demo. It has tons of useful information in one place, which is very nice. I have some question before I would buy.

Q1. Are there currently any way to customize the menu or toolbars? I've noticed the there are 'ads' in the Tools menu for "Check for BIOS Updates", "Check for Driver Updates" and "Revo Uninstaller".
Q2. Are these tool menu items in any of the paid versions of SIW?
Q3. Can these items be customized out of the tool menu?
Q4. Why did you list these applications/url links when they are not developed by you?
Q5. Can the button toolbar be customized to add/remove some buttons such as the buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInk, Revo Unistaller or others?

Thanks for any information
Oni Eugene

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