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What can I do if SIW doesn't start, freezes my system, or causes a blue screen?

  1. Check if you have the latest version of SIW (Help --> Check for Updates)
  2. If SIW crashes:
    • Download procdump, a Microsoft/Sysinternals tool (, and extract it in the same folder with siw64.exe
    • Open a command prompt as administrator, then change the path to the one that contains the two executables.
    • Type: procdump64 -e -ma -t -w siw64.exe
    • If required, open another command prompt as administrator
    • Run siw64.exe and reproduce the crash
    • Procdump should generate the dump file just at the moment of the crash (usually a *.dmp file). Please zip it and share it with me.
  3. Save this file (siw.ini) in the same directory as siw.exe, then rerun SIW.
    If it works, edit siw.ini and replace "=0" with "=1" one by one (siw.ini should have only one "=1") until the problem occurs again.
    Then send an email mentioning which "1" is responsible.
  4. Add siw64.exe to your antivirus exclusion list.
  5. Use WMI Diagnostic Utility (as Admin) to identify WMI issues. To further debug WMI problems, open the "Computer Management" (compmgmt.msc), expand the "Services and Applications," right-click "WMI Control", click "Properties," and view the status of the WMI.
  6. Use Driver Verifier to identify issues with Windows drivers.
  7. Run SIW DEBUG and reproduce the crash. SIW DEBUG automatically creates a few C:\siw_debug*.* files. Please send us generated C:\siw_debug*.txt files.
  8. Run DXDiag, select "Save All Information," and send us the result.
  9. Run the latest version of CPU-Z, select "About", "Save Report(.TXT)", and send us the result.
  10. Run SIW without CPUID SDK. From a command prompt, run: siw64 /nosdk

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