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Windows 7 requires elevation


I have the Technicians version and have used and recommended it for about 4 years. I am currently doing an audit on PCs attached to Lab equipment. When I tried to run SIW from my USB stick on a Windows 7 PC today it asked me for Administrators credentials. But it seemed to want them from an Windows AD. I was told that a while ago someone tried to put this PC into a domain but did not complete the task. The PC was left disconnected from the network. I tried to RUNAS with the one local user account that they login with but that failed with "requires elevation".
As a consultant I don't want to ask for the AD admin info. I also don't want to mess around with user accounts before an audit.
What I need is mostly what application software info. Is there a way I can get SIW to run without elevation? Even if it means disabling a lot of reporting options.

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