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Windows 8 (always 64-bit)

I am having the devil's own time getting SIW to work on the customer preview for Windows 8. I can install an older (2011) version OK, but it hangs the entire machine when I try to look at the BIOS, or when I try to download the latest version. I've grabbed the debug version and will send debug logs, but if anybody has words of wisdom in getting the software to work on Win8, I'd be most grateful for some guidance here. It hangs the OS so bad, I can't even use "end task" in Task Manager to bail out of trouble.


I need siw software for windows8 32bit

(04-14-2012 11:24 AM)joe52 Wrote:  I need siw software for windows8 32bit

If you need it, buy SIW Pro.

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