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individual reports


Hi there!
In german we call it "Jammern auf sehr hohem Niveau". The english word to word translation would be "Moaning on a very high level" Shy 
It means, that this is a "very very very nice to have feature wish" with low priority.

Here comes the description:

It would be nice to build in siw individual reports.

For example, you take
  • point             "COMPUTERNAME"                                      from the category      "Environment"     and call it       "Computer-Name"
  • point             "CPU #1"                                                     from category             "CPU"                 and call it        "Prozessor"
  • points            "Manufacturer" and space and "Model"        from category            "Motherboard"    and call it        "Hauptplatine"
Then you can genetate a PDF File with the following content:
Computer-Name:         PC-4711
Prozessor:                    AMD FX-8320E 8-Core
Hauptplatine:               ASRock 970 Pro3 R2.0

It is not necessary that it can be done in a grapfical user interface.
Via XML is enough....

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