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Full Version: GPT/UEFI issues, Missing OS Install Date
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The first failure is that on my only GPT/UEFI system, any recent version of SIW locks up Windows 10 on SIW startup, after about five seconds. I haven't had any issues with the system or my other programs. I have run extended tests on the CPU, Memory and SSD. Windows reports no problems on a restart of the system. I have run other information gathering applications such as, Piriform Speccy, without any problems.

This is part not a major failure, but I recently started collecting more information about my computer systems since I updated them to Windows 10, and SIW 2015 v5.3.0828 is no longer displaying the Operating System Installation Date/Time. The field is blank, although the Windows Registry shows the "encrypted ???" data.

Thanks for creating such a useful product!
Best regards, Hector