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Full Version: Installed SIW on 6 New Builds non-Geeks Converted!
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Love this product. Everytime I build a PC for family, friends, etc; most will be getting his/her first exposure to what the heck is inside that case! They love being able to see and learn at their own curios pace.

Do we have a location where people buy/sell. I began my project intending on 2 PC's for me. By the time I got around to building mine, it turned out to be a real "Dream Machine" and I don't need the 7th PC. I hate e-Buy and would rather take a big hit for another PC friend's gain.

I would not function well with a PC like the one I have without having some good software like SIW to keep me informed. I am amazed at the MB builder's inability to provide up to date drivers, software etc, so having the background view helps when I start grabbing drivers/software off sites like Intel.

Hope all are having a great summer! Cool

Blessings!  GB