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Doesn't show Office 2010 product key - ftcnet - 06-12-2012

I was hoping SIW v. 2012.03.26 Tech would show the installed product keys for MS Office 2010 H&B installed on my client's wkstn.

They have Office 2003 and Office 2010 installed. Office 2003 still works OK, but Office 2010 needs to be re-installed.

SIW shows product keys for Office 2003, but doesn't seem to detect anything for Office 2010.

The DOS command shown at:
How To Check Activation Type and License Status of Office 2010 Installations
does show the last 5 chars of the product key so SIW should be able to retrieve the full key?

OfcInst1.jpg shows what Add/Remove Programs displays
OfcKeys1.jpg shows what SIW can see
Ofc2010-5.jpg shows what "cscript ospp.vbs /dstatus" gives us