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Greyed text in menus displays incorrectly

See screen shot attachments.  

The first attachment siw 2014v4.8.0427 is a screen shot of the last release that had the correct behavior with greyed-out menu options.  They are, in fact, greyed out as expected.


The next two screen shots are from the current release (28 Aug 15).  

In the first one, the greyed text is what happens when you run the program and select a menu with greyed options.  The text is grey, but looks to be in a weird font, with strikethru and possibly bold and italic.


The second screen shot in the current version shows the same menu AFTER re-displaying it.  This time, the greyed-out options are simply missing.


(08-28-2015 11:51 PM)madsen Wrote:  ... siw 2014v4.8.0427 ... last release that had the correct behavior ... 
... on Windows XP; it was compiled with Visual Studio 2008.
SIW 2015 has the correct behavior on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8(.1) and Windows 10.
 [Image: siw_2015_menu.png]

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