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Greyed text in menus displays incorrectly
See screen shot attachments.  

The first attachment siw 2014v4.8.0427 is a screen shot of the last release that had the correct behavior with greyed-out menu options.  They are, in fact, greyed out as expected.

.png   SIW-2014v4.8.0427 - correct behavior.png (Size: 109.45 KB / Downloads: 1)

The next two screen shots are from the current release (28 Aug 15).  

In the first one, the greyed text is what happens when you run the program and select a menu with greyed options.  The text is grey, but looks to be in a weird font, with strikethru and possibly bold and italic.

.png   SIW-2015v5.3.0828a - incorrect#1.png (Size: 121.61 KB / Downloads: 1)

The second screen shot in the current version shows the same menu AFTER re-displaying it.  This time, the greyed-out options are simply missing.

.png   SIW-2015v5.3.0828a - incorrect#2.png (Size: 114.16 KB / Downloads: 1)
(08-28-2015, 11:51 PM)madsen Wrote: ... siw 2014v4.8.0427 ... last release that had the correct behavior ... 
... on Windows XP; it was compiled with Visual Studio 2008.
SIW 2015 has the correct behavior on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8(.1) and Windows 10.
 [Image: siw_2015_menu.png]

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