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Remote access is denied issue

In a test environment I have 2 pc's: Shop_PC an Main-PC
I have SIW on the main pc and from a command prompt on the shop_pc I can run \\main-pc\siw\siw.exe and the program executes fine on the shop_pc

Edit: I have the technicians version

Both machines can ping

From a cmd prompt on main-pc I can run:
C:\siw\psexec.exe \\shop_pc -u administrator -p XXXX ipconfig /all and I get the correct IP information from Shop_pc

So far all is good, However when I run:
C:\siw\psexec.exe -s \\shop_pc -u administrator -p XXXX \\main-pc\siw\siw.exe
I get PsExec could not start \\main-pc\siw\siw.exe on shop_pc:
Access is denied.

Any body have any thoughts. I have overlooked something stupid I am sure. I bet it is starring me in the face.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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