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Reporting really everything


Up front, I know about the reporting (File->Create Report)

Am I correctly assuming that it does not report really, really everything?
I mean to say: is it correct that SIW may show things on screen that aren't in the report?

For example, let say I select 'Battery and Power Policy' (left tree)
and in the right window panel, right click on 'Balanced' or 'Power' and then expand all.

Within the text report, when searching for (in this example) "Primary NVMe' there are no hits.

So, I guess this is not within the report then?
The reporting skips this, probably to avoid a report of 1,000 pages? I don't know.

I stumbled over this whilst checking the power management settings, in my case being set to 'High Performance'.

So far, within Windows Power Management, I have saved a screenshot of the settings, for future reference, i.e. how to set it in case of a fresh install.
In SIW the settings are nicely listed on screen. However, I -think- the settings are not in the report?


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