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SIW AntiSpyware detection


I have three computers:

> MACHOP-PC with Windows 10 Pro x64, version 1909 (November 2019 Update)
> RATTATA-W10 with Windows 10 Pro x64, version 1909 (November 2019 Update)
> SLOWKING with Windows 7 Professional x64 Service Pack 1

I run Malwarebytes Premium on all three, same license, default configuration, same version:

I run SIW 2020 64-bit v10.3.0602 Technician's Version on these computers with output to CSV from the command line:
siw.exe /all /log:csv=c:\critcare\computer_siw

From the CSV, I extract system info, antivirus info, and spyware info.  For the spyware info I look at "Security","AntiSpyware", "Company" and "Security","AntiSpyware", "Version" lines.

On MACHOP-PC and RATTATA-W10 systems (Windows 10 computers), SIW does not report Malwarebytes as providing spyware protection. In fact, it reports no spyware protection at all (I thought that Windows 10 had some spyware protection built into Defender, which is running).
On SLOWKING (Windows 7 computer), SIW DOES (correctly) report Malwarebytes as providing spyware protection.

Is this a SIW issue or a Malwarebytes Premium issue?

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