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Upload zipped report FTP

Alright, I will try a workaround and tell you if I found something.

Thanks for the time.

Alright I finally managed to send the report passive through firewall without touching the configuration

First of all: The standard Microsoft Windows FTP.exe does NOT support passive FTP

Therefore I take some different tool. I have chosen NCFTP Client , it is freeware and open source (client! not server)
You can get it from :

For sending a file you only need the ncftpput.exe from the archive.

My SIW is installed locally in C:\SIW so i also copied the ncftpput.exe to this directory.

My batch script looks like this(content of C:\siw\start.bat):

C:\siw\siw.exe /log:xml=C:\b4\siw\%SIWFILENAME% /silent /zip
C:\siw\ncftpput -u user -p password -R /remoteDirecotry C:\siw\

please note the single space between and the /remoteDirectory

if you dont like the SIWFILENAME-thing this is the simple way:

C:\siw\siw.exe /log:xml=C:\b4\siw\report /silent /zip
C:\siw\ncftpput -u user -p password -R /remoteDirecotry C:\siw\

executing the file start.bat will create zipped xml report in C:\siw and send it to into directory remoteDirectory

edit: somehow i cant turn off this auto hyper-link. all of this ftp. yourserver. com is without https:// prefix

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