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Moved my site to Windows Azure

Since a few months I was contemplating on moving my domain from HostGator to Windows Azure Websites.
HostGator was pretty decent but above all cheap. And you know you can't have "fast", "reliable" and "cheap" in the same sentence.
HostGator's customer service and quality of services has gone down since it got acquired by EIG.

Why Azure?
I used to host my site on Linux. However, the web-based management tools and the overall experience never appealed to me.
I was looking for simplicity and because I already had an Azure account the choice was clear.
I've migrated my site from a HostGator to Windows Azure last month and since then I am pretty happy about the level of reliability and performance that I got on Windows Azure.
As a platform, Azure already had its problems. But I'm confident enough that Microsoft put enough eggs in this basket to build my online presence upon it.

Who do I rely on for hosting my stuff?
And now for the techies amongst you, these are the providers I trust my precious data to:

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