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passwords in paid Version

Let me start by Saying I Already read this (after the fact).

Passwords are not saved in reports.
SIW can only be used to recover the passwords for the current logged-on user on your local computer.
SIW only works if you chose the remember your password in one of the above programs.
You cannot use this utility for grabbing the passwords of other users.
Only Technician's/Business Versions.

I KNOW the past in the FREE version you could copy and paste the passwords. I believe in the past PAID version it allowed you to save/print them.

So having just purchased the technician's license with updates forever I was rather dismayed that I could not create a report, save, or even copy and paste the password list.
As a technician it's very useful to be able to do a report including licenses passwords names before reloading a machine, and then give the report to the customer so they have a copy of the 2 dozen passwords they forgot because they saved them 2 years ago and haven't had to type them in since.
You have no Idea how many times I’ve had a user tell me ‘My email is [email protected] , but it doesn’t have a password.’ Which of course it does, and then I have to try a password reset, which of course they don’t know, then I have to walk them through calling the isp and getting it reset.
The primary reason I purchased the software was to have a quick easy utility to pull their name, license and password info and put it all on one sheet of paper to speak. I know I take a screenshot and do it that way, but that’s extra steps and defeats the purpose. So why has this been disabled in newer PAID versions?


I would love to get my customer's passwords in reports. Is it possible to get other details (credit card number, social security number, etc.)?

Thank you for your useless, smartass comment and completely missing the point and going off in a different direction.

It already gives you the passwords. (not to mention the all the other ways outside this utility to get them.) The point was to be able to give the customer a printed copy because 91 out out of a hundred don't know what they are, or even remember creating them in the 1st place.


5 days and no response, I think that is ridiculous. What does it take to get a reply from support ?

(09-17-2012 07:57 PM)cmd Wrote:  Angry

5 days and no response, I think that is ridiculous. What does it take to get a reply from support ?

Maximum 24 hours for paid customers (what is your order number?).
I've updated Note 1.


Changing the terms after the fact just don't work.
It's bad enough that it's not plainly stated, that it's not included in the reports.

Then today I found out eureka! doesn't work/work well either. It would not show any passwords on a win7x64sp1 amd machine.

I think I want a refund.

Order ID: 3A748FH-B4GC**
Entered On: Sep 12, 2012 7:28 PM
Refunded On: Sep 19, 2012 7:15 AM
Site: RegNow
Status: Refunded ®
Currency: USD
Last Message: Refund - Customer Request

I didn't want to post my full order number in a public form. I thought you would be able to look it up from that.
I already sent an email to [email protected] on friday the 14th. That has the full order number, will try to PM you in here with number.

Thanks for the prompt refund. I hope in the future you will, re-implement those features, and continue improving the product. That password report was the 1 feature that made me want to buy it, because of the simple and easy benefit of being able to give my customers a list of all the stuff they forgot.

If you do put that back in, email me, I'll probably buy it.

Interesting discussion.
I have 4 versions of Tech SIW.
2010 v1118a, 2011 v1029, 2012 v0106, and 2012 v1004.
The first one works exactly as "CMD" wants. Doesn't save passwords in actual report (probably as it should be). But I can right-click the "Passwords" link on the left side and get an "Export to" option to save to a text file.
I updated to 2011 v1029 and this feature was gone. Only way is write them down. Twice more I updated hoping this would be fixed.
Solution for me is to keep 2010 v1118a for the passwords and use the latest version for the main report. Don't know if the 2010 version is still available.

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